Styling Curly Hair

Curly hair gives you one big styling advantage over straight hair. Whether your hair is naturally curly or permed, curls mean lots of volume... sometimes, too much! Curly hairstyles, while enviable for both volume and beauty, are not smooth sailing! Most curly headed people find that lying obediently in place is not a curl’s strong point. It’s second (maybe first) nature for a single curl to stick up, out... do anything to make itself the center of attention in your hairstyle.

Making Curls Behave

Curling Iron Tips
Be sure the barrel of your curling iron is the right size for both the length of your hair and the size of curl you want. Curling iron barrels may be as small as 1/4 inch to three inches in diameter. Especially for short hairstyles, it’s important that all the ends of each curl are neatly tucked away as you roll the curl.

Thinner barrels produce curlier, denser curls except in the case of long hairstyles. Wrapping long hair around a too thin barrel leads to tangles, hair breakage, and the over-drying of ends. Use thin barrels on long hair only to quickly curl your ends. Misting ends with a working spray before curling helps set the curl more quickly and provides some heat protection against over drying your curls.

Permed Hair: Preserving Your Hard-Earned Curls

In fact, using the right tools and techniques to style curly hair can coax the wildest curls into a pretty and perky hairstyle!

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