How to Curl Your Hair

Not everyone is lucky enough to be born with luscious curls. Thankfully, using the right techniques, even people with the straightest of hair can add some bounce to their locks. There are many different types of curls and methods for people to try. Over time, one will know his or her preference when it comes to curling hair. The following are step-by-step guides for some of the most common techniques.

Method One: Using Overnight Braids
People who want long and loose curls can use braids. This is an easy and low-stress way to add some wave or curl to the hair. Before bed, one should wet dry hair for braiding since wet hair is easier to braid.

  1. Add leave-in conditioner. The product will make the hair silky smooth but also ensure that the curls hold throughout the day. Some people like to add gel to the hair too so that the hair keeps its shape. This is especially important for people with stick-straight hair. People with some curl or wave to their locks will be fine using conditioner or just braiding the hair damp.
  2. Brush and divide the hair. All knots and issues need to be detangled from the hair. One can even comb out the hair in the shower and use detangling cream on top of conditioner.
  3. Number of braids. The smaller the braids, the curlier the hair will be. However, not everyone has time to braid the whole head or the patience for micro-braids. Some people will only do a few braids and keep the hair tight.
  4. Divide the hair into sections. Once the number of braids has been decided, it is time to section the hair. The parts on these sections do not need to be even or even uniform. One should think about how they sleep when they comb the hair into parts.
  5. Type of braid. The type of braid depends on the type of curl a person wants. A regular braid produces wavy hair with loose curls whereas a tight French braid produces more spirals. People need to take care to tightly tie the end of the braid. Experts in the hair industry recommend using non-rubber elastics since rubber can harm the hair.
  6. Take out the hair. In the morning, the braids should be carefully unraveled. The curls can be set with hairspray.
Method Two: Curling Iron
An option for tighter curls is to use a curling iron. The hair should be completely dry to keep the user safe. The hair should be clean, de-tangled and have some product in it. Gel or mousse helps hold the curls so they last all day. This also adds some nice shine to the hair.
  1. Separate the hair into sections. It is easier to curl hair if it is divided into sections. People should divide the hair and then pin it up.
  2. Curl one section of hair at a time. People should grab a section with one hand and the curling iron in the other. The end of the hair should be placed near the end of the ironís handle and then the clamp should be closed on it. The barrel should be wound up, moving upward, and then held for a few seconds.
  3. Careful of burns. Curling irons are hot and can be dangerous. One should never keep the iron on the hair longer than six seconds. Additionally, one should be mindful of their scalp and skin. No one wants to explain a curling iron burn to a doctor.
  4. Tight versus loose curls. For tight curls, one should set them with hairspray. For looser curls, one should first run his or hands through the hair and then add the hairspray to set the curls. Anyone with frizzy hair should avoid brushing out the curls. This will ruin their definition.

Method Three: Hot Rollers
Another effective way to curl the hair is to use a set of hot rollers. People should have dry hair for this method. Otherwise, the rollers could leave strange impressions or crimps. This can be a time-consuming process, so people need to be aware of this before they begin.

  1. Clip up the hair. First, people need to clip up sections of their hair. The first round of hot rollers should be applied near the bottom of the scalp so that the curls are even. As one works, the curled hair should be let go, sprayed with some hairspray, and the person should work his or her way up.
  2. Avoid using too much hair. A common mistake for people using hot rollers is that they try and curl too much hair. Professionals recommend using one- or two-inch sections. Many hot rollers come in a variety of sizes: the larger ones are for the bottom sections, and the smaller rollers are for the top of the head.
  3. The actual wrapping of the rollers. The hair needs to be evenly wrapped around the roller. One should grip the end of the hair against the roller and then slowly wrap it around. The roller will be hot, so people need to be careful about touching it.
  4. Pinning the rollers up. The rollers could with pins so the curls can be set. These pins usually come in a U-shape: there is one straight side and one curled or crimped side. The pin should be set so the straight piece is against the scalp. The rollers should sit for between 10-15 minutes long. People should touch the side of the rollers to tell if they are ready to be removed. If the sides of the rollers are cool, then it is time.
  5. Set the curls. Hairspray should be used to keep the curlís shape in place. For looser curls, one can brush them out. However, anyone with frizzy hair should again avoid this step or risk ruining the work.
For all of the curling methods above, practice really does make perfect. Different methods produce different curls for different hair types. The only way to find the look one wants is to try all three methods and perfect them. With time, this will become as second nature as a pony tail or even brushing or straightening the hair. Curls are a great look for work or for going out. Even people with the straightest and thinnest of hair can learn to curl their hair. All they need is the right equipment and hair products, the right technique and some

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