Hair Styling Ideas

Wash, dry, and comb is the painless, quick, and easy method of hair styling. Yet, whether your hair is short, medium length, or long, our list of hair styling ideas lets you quickly and painlessly make hair styling glamour an easy part of your daily regimen.
  1. Fun as well as easy to use, today’s hair styling accessories add allure to hair styles for every occasion– from morning through night. You’re probably already familiar with many of them, but some less common accessories may be just the right thing to perk up your style:
    • Alligator Clamps & Jaw Claws may sound like instruments of torture, but they’re really among the quickest ways to add quick elegance to a hair style.
    • Add just a hint of sparkle with jewel studded bobby pins and their wider cousins, the hair forks
    • Hair sticks - long and short available either as singles or in pairs.
    • Medieval circlets - tiara like except that these enchanting “hair necklaces” circle your head with bright jewels that drape strikingly over your forehead.
  2. If your budget is tight, let your earrings enhance your hair style. Stay conservative during working hours with earring posts and studs. After hours put a little swing in even the shortest style with a pair of danglers.
  3. Sweep hair back with a wide leather or fabric headband.
  4. Fashion a hair band out of a sheer scarf. Instead of knotting a scarf, hold it together with a favorite brooch or pin.
  5. Before unruly hair makes you mad as the March Hare, add an Alice Band to your hair style. Named after “Alice Through the Looking Glass”, an Alice Band keeps unruly hair out of your face and puts a finishing touch on either short or long hair styles. Find Alice Bands gem-studded, fabric wrapped, or in just plain plastic in several colors and style variants in price ranges to suit every budget.
  6. Change your part. Go from left to right, center to off-center, even from straight to zigzag! If your style includes short top layers, pull some of that top knot forward for heavier bangs. If your top is long, consider a shorter part and pull the rest of your top tresses back into a ponytail, braid, or fasten them with a barrette or another type of clip.
  7. Use your curling iron to curl just the parts of your hair style that emphasize your best features. Before curling, spritzing your hair with a working spray helps keep your curl alive and bouncy throughout your day.
  8. Get the ultimate “curl for a day” by setting your hair with hot rollers. Again, spritz your hair with a working spray for long-lasting curl. Divide your hair into two-inch wide sections and wind each section up vertically. After the rollers cool, carefully remove them and instead of combing, style your hair by running your fingers through your curls.
  9. When your hair color makes you feel a bit bleached out, try the reverse on your hair. Instead of highlights, add lowlights, twilights, or veils to your hair.
    • Veils - a semi-permanent method of brightening old color by applying a darker glaze over permanent color.
    • Twilights - a first cousin to lowlights, twilights are a subtle addition of darker tones used to add depth and mystery to hair color treatments that have become too bright and brassy.
    • Lowlights - When your hair style looks flat, it may be that your hair color is fading into the sunset. Low lighting is a hair coloring technique that pumps up your hair style by creating new dimension and depth with the introduction of a few darker tones.

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