Styling Short Hair

In this busy world, a major advantage to styling short hair is that in the blink of an eye you can wash, blow and go! Yet, that’s only the beginning. Short hairstyles let you change your style as often as your mood changes and just about as quickly!

Today you might feel trendy, tomorrow retro might fit the bill, and the next day a romantic, classic short hair style might be just your cup of tea; one day curly and coy and the next, sleek and chic!

A good short hair style emphasizes your best attributes, but as well as personal attributes such as eye and hair colors, skin tones, body shape, face shape, and of course, the density and texture of your hair, the right short hair style fits snugly into your personality and lifestyle, creating a sense of balance between your head, face, body and the unique person that is you.

Hair tools and products seem to be made especially for styling short hair. For instance, ceramic flat irons let you straighten curls and kinks in just minutes and gels and sprays are ready to let you put them back in as quick as a wink!

Short Hair Styles
In the 1920’s a new breed of women caught the world’s attention. The libertine ‘flappers’ rose up against tradition and were the first women to rebelliously ‘bob’ their hair. However, using today’s modern products, you can create a “flapper look” that would be the envy of yesterday’s flappers!

To begin, blow dry hair back away from your face. Slick it back applying gel or a light finishing product to your hair while it’s still wet. Pull a tendril out from each side and make a short, sweet curl.

Scrunch it, spike it, or style for traditional waves and curls. From hair bobs to pixies to curly-urchin short hairstyles, today’s hair care products let you define your style, no matter what type of hair naturally sits atop your head.

What’s more, styling a short haircut can put the glitz back into an end-of-the-season wardrobe!

Short Hair Styles Revival
If you’re like me, the transition from winter to spring and from autumn to winter is a time when everything in your closet looks shopworn. Before you scream, “I don’t have anything to wear,” consider perking up your style-weary wardrobe by accessorizing your short hair style!

Sparkling hair clips, barrettes, and brightly colored head bands not only add glamour to your hairdo, but also add dimension and style to what you wear. Besides, face it! Those glittery earrings usually hide under your long tresses. Short hairstyles add shine to every aspect of your style!

Talking about shine – is there any sexier or more stylish look than a clean, neatly trimmed short hair style?

Short Hair Care Tips

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